For the high-tech company db-matik, sustainability and business success are two sides of the same coin. 

It is our declared goal to anchor sustainable value creation deeply in our business activities. Through innovative solutions, we not only strive for positive development within society, but also for sustainable and profitable growth.

Since db-matik was founded, the company has endeavored to actively work on environmental goals in addition to business goals.

The minimization of the environmental impact caused by the company, achieved through reduced emissions, saving resources and minimizing risks was an unspoken goal of the management early on.

Some subject areas have already been systematically processed through certification in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, such as B. Risk management.

With the introduction of environmental certification, this policy, which has been pursued for a long time, has now also been officially expressed through certification according to ISO 14001:2015.

The Paris climate agreement sets itself the ambitious goal of limiting global warming to well below two degrees.

At db-matik we take this obligation seriously and strive to be CO2-neutral in all our activities by 2025, thereby actively contributing to the achievement of this global goal. 

Our PV system delivers up to one MW of power.

  • Electricity procurement during the day 100% from our own production
  • Acquisition of 10 electric vehicles
  • environmental certification
  • Project Ocean, development of a circular design project

CO2 – Overcompensation
of 191,807 kg of CO2
“far better than climate neutral”

CO2 Calculation 2023

Ressource No. 1

Steadily decreasing water consumption:

2020  631 m3

2021  462 m3

2022  438 m3

2023  412 m3


The water consumption of 438 m3 in 2022 is primarily caused by the sanitary facilities. 3.91 m3 were consumed per employee, corresponding to a daily consumption of 1.7 l.

This is a rather low value for toilet use and cleaning. All toilets are equipped with a water-saving button.



A total of over 20 charging stations for electric vehicles are in operation for customers and employees, where our employees can charge free of charge.


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