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The db-matik AG is a company specializing in the development and optimization of production processes. We offer turnkey production lines and automation solutions compliant with digital standards, encompassing both hardware and software components.






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We are developing state-of-the-art production lines for over 20 years. The needs of our customers are always in the foreground. Whether roll to roll, roll to sheet or roll to part, our range of production lines is wide. From battery harnesses, LED strips and sensors to MLLCs, your product can be manufactured largely automatically with our systems.

Thanks to our modular system, we are able to offer turnkey production lines.

Christian Daschner

Martin Brahmer

daschner & brahmer

Our history begins in 2003 in Hofolding near Munich where the founders Christian Daschner and Martin Brahmer laid the foundation for our company.

In 2010 we began planning a modern company building which was intended to provide sufficient space for all our departments and production. In January 2011 we finally moved to Roding where our new headquarters was established.

With the addition of Andreas Seliger and Dr. Marc Werkmeister our team expanded and we successfully transformed our company into a joint-stock corporation.

Andreas Seliger

Marc Werkmeister


adhere to the highest ethical standards and ensure that all employees, executives, and partners uphold these standards.

report transparently on our business practices and financial performance.

ensure that our employees are treated fairly and receive appropriate compensation and working conditions.

continuously seek new solutions and better ways to improve our products, services, and business practices.

ensure that our products and services are safe, reliable, and of high quality.

take responsibility for our actions and aim to minimize the impact on the environment and the community.


db-matik AG develops and optimizes production processes for maximum efficiency. We supply hardware and software for turnkey production lines and automation solutions: precise, high-quality and in line with digital standards.


We build turnkey R2R production lines in the field of printed electronics, hybrid assembly and for the lighting industry. db-matik AG is the world technology leader in roll-to-roll LED production lines. The entire production process – from the loose substrate to the packaged product – can be implemented by us using R2R technology.


We support you with assembly systems and workplace solutions, dosing and hybrid assembly systems. We use all common industrial robots, solitary or in collaborative systems, and let them work extremely efficiently with the use of AI.


We manufacture CNC precision parts for medical technology, the semiconductor industry, the automotive industry and classic special machine construction.

Test reports are created in our measurement laboratory. Tactile measuring systems and non-contact systems allow contour and roughness measurements at the highest level.


We offer assembly for sophisticated mechatronical modules according to individual customer requirements for serial production but also special solutions starting with one piece.



We advise and accompany you from concept development, project planning, design, electronic hardware, development of circuit diagrams, circuit board layouts to detailed 3D construction and complete CPLD design and documentation.


The heart of Industry 4.0: We develop control systems and intelligent recognition software and let the machines collaborate. Our developers speak all standard languages ​​and of course all interfaces are designed to be user-centric.

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