We operate in nearly every industry sector focusing on research, electronics and automotive.




db-matik strives to maintain a fair partnership with all customers to the benefit of both parties.

Therefore, we rely on high quality and impeccable services as well as the reliability of our actions.

In order to achieve this goal, we have converted our business processes to the context of “ISO9001;2015 requirements” according to the following principles.

The db-matik undertakes to process all orders for the production development of machines, machine modules and parts as well as all services according to the quality standards of ISO9001: 2015 and the defined quality requirements of our customers.


db-matik products meet or exceed international quality standards. They are developed and manufactured according to user-friendly criteria and meet all requirements in terms of use and occupational safety, including foreseeable misuse.

db-matik has defined goals for quality, reliability and continuous improvement of products and services and monitors their success and compliance.

Every employee at db-matik AG contributes to achieving the quality goals, with these goals being communicated annually. All employees are obliged to respect the business processes and guidelines.

For db-matik AG, the satisfaction of its customers has the highest priority.


Environmental Protection Management Certificate

Quality Assurance Certificate

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